Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So im finally back at school. I love it so much. My apt is so cute and i love my room mates:) my room roommates name is Holly then there is Julee, Allie, Kari, and Monica.. Kari and Monica are really quiet and i think they are scared of us cause the four of us are so loud. we were all cheerleaders in high school so just think about that CRAZY!! School is a little stressful but i love it.
Holly, Julee, Me
BINGO....ya none of us won
Ha ha..this couch was in front of a dumpster...we took it and...
put it on our balcony:) that other girl is just a neighbor
WalMart...we were so hyper and crazy..
I was so scared i wasn't going to be able to find friends cause i was all alone...but i found some and they live with so happy right now..Love you all

Sunday, August 17, 2008

She really is married.....WOW

So on Friday August 15 Jenny and Trevor really got married..Me Jordan, Erica, and Chels went to the Salt lake temple to see her come out...she was glowing... i can't wait to go through the temple.. We took alot of pictures then we went to a luncheon...for some reason i was very emotional..because i was so happy for her and sad and everything...after seeing this i am just going to live my life so good so that i can be worthy to go to such a wonerful place
Me, Jordan, Erica, Chelsea waiting for them to come out
Mr. & Mrs. Cox!!!
Beautiful Jenny and the Giant...
The Girls
Me and Kaleigh
My dad, me, and my mommy
Me and Cade
Chelsea has been my friend forever...but she was on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. so cade had to get a picture with her:) he was loving it

Monday, August 4, 2008

St.g BABY!!!!

Me a couple of my girlfriends went on a little road trip to st. george to visit our friend Alyssa cause she goes to school at was a crazy weekend...5 girls together...ya we are so crazy...i love my friends and i am going to miss them while we are all at different colleges..SMAAK(Shayly, Mandie, Alyssa, Amanda, Kryshelle) FOR LIFE!!!

Man, Manda, Shelle, Me Driving and Driving forever

We finally made it to Alyssas

Our sweet shoes we made

Doing what we do best....dressing up being crazy


Oh ya...If boys are working....We are pretty good at getting free food:) we can't help it ha ha
Random...old car..very fun

Ya we are crazy girls...but I have amaizing friends that love the gospel. We are truly blessed

Ha ha..on the drive home we stopped a the only bathroom for miles....Nasty ha ha

I love life...and i love my girls so much. they help me be the best person i can be. we have so much fun together...i don't need to work out because when im with them i laugh so much so so much its so i love SMAAK so much

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Little Bro is 16!!!!

Oh my gosh...crazy..little cade is really 16 years old..that scares me..he is 16 and going into high school and he is a very handsome youngman...So many girls are going to fall in love with him cause he is so cute, nice, athletic...he has so much going for him. It is so fun because he is starting to like me ha we are becoming such good friends now that he is growing up. I can't wait to go on a double date with him..well in order to do that he needs to find a girl and i need to find a boy ha ha but once we do it will be so fun.

Cade is.....




Excellent at everything he does

I love my little brother so much

Friday, July 18, 2008

My GOOD friend is gettin married

So it's friend jenny is getting married to a wonderful man named Trevor cox....they met at utah state...but i was going to live with jenny and erica for next year at school...but now im going by myself. jenny is getting married and erica decided to go to scared to go up by myself again but i did it last year...i can do it again...i was always thinking i would have tai there so i didn't need my friends...but tai is gone i really am going by myself...well the other night i had a kida sleep over with jenny before she is married...we talked and talked and talked and couldn't stop was so fun to catch up with her i love her so much. and i can't wait for her and trev to live in logan and be my parents in logan:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Finally Got My Own Blog

Jake(age 4), Isaac(age 6), Aubrey(age 7), Brynn(age 10), Me
Hey guys I'm excited to have a blog cause I did it with my friends and it kind of stoped so now i will be able to be apart of your lives. K so here is a little about what is happening in my life right now...Well you know Tai? ya well we broke's weird but i think it is for the best. so if you know any cute boys...hook your sista up:) I live at home with my wonderful family and I love spending time with them and it is going to be sad to move away again in a month but I'm ready to meet new people. I work Monday through Friday 9-6 as a Nanny and I love it cause i love kids but it does get hard and I'm about ready to be done. And yes i still work at Baskin Robins only one night a thats about all that is new:)